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Research Articles

Overend Green and the Dispersed Settlements of Leighton Buzzard by Bernard Jones

A study of the ordnance survey map of Leighton Buzzard will show that it is surrounded by a number of small settlements, or hamlets such as Nares Gladley, Bragenham, Clipstone, Overend Green, Old Li..

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Mary Bassett School Log

Mary Bassett School Log Book     Towards the end of 2009, Leighton Buzzard Archaeological and Historical Society (LBDAHS) were privileged to be given access to a trunk of archive mat..

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Q-Central Index

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Saxon Burials

SAXON BURIALS   A chance find by a local metal-detectorist led to the discovery of a small Saxon Cemetery near Leighton Buzzard, possibly dating from the sixth century. Following a geophysic..

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The Secrets of Q Central

Since publication of this book, further research has provided more information, particularly about some of the casualties. This information will be posted here as we are able to prepare it. 1942 Mo..

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Sand, Planes and Submarines - additional information

Further information, particularly with regard to casualties, is emerging all the time. It will be posted here as we are able to prepare it. 1918 Monday, October28: SapperWR/270169 Albert George Rob..

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